Holland Paver Brick Machine

Paving brick machine, also known as the holland brick machine. Paving brick machine can suppress a variety of patterns of cement products, coupled with a variety of molds, it can also produce color pavement brick with color feeding device. It is mainly used for urban and rural streets, commercial traffic, hotel plaza, residential area, station platform, flood control project, a machine multi-purpose, fully meet the requirements of the market.
As long as raw material is available, such as fly ash, slag, coal gangue, sand, gravel, stone powder, construction waste etc, mixed with a small amount of cement, can be used to do paving brick. Our technical department to provide you with a reasonable brick formula to ensure that the quality of road brick products qualified.
Following are some features for paving bricks.
Paving bricks have the function of breathing. In moonsoon, when the road water can quickly penetrate into the ground, to maintain the groundwater level, and hot weather, but also can evaporate the atmosphere, so that the air to maintain a certain humidity, which is conducive to soil and vegetation.
Paving brick is also good for the environment protection, on-site laying to reduce the construction site dust, is conducive to protecting the surrounding environment, improve the construction speed.
Paving brick is also very adaptable to the natural environment. Since paving brick can be paved with interlocking function, between the blocks and blocks filled with fine sand, so with a rigid surface, flexible connection, unique anti-deformation function, especially for In the deformation of the larger flexible foundation.
Paving bricks has roughness, with the ideal friction to ensure pedestrian safety.


Advantages of Brick Making Machine

Hongfa brick making machine takes into full consideration of raw materials general applicability, it can utilize construction waste, fly ash, slag etc various industrial waste, take full advantage of these raw materials to produce zoology water permeable pavers, holland bricks, concrete blocks, standard solid stock bricks, porous bricks, grass bricks etc. These concrete products with such raw material is high-quality, low cost, dysgeogenous.
If you want to start brick business, here are tips you can refer in your business plan.
1. Obvious profit. The cost of concrete block production is very low compared to clay bricks, even with different raw material prices in different places.
2. Mature production skills. Concrete blocks usually adopt vibration and high pressure way for molding, it has good density, low water absorption rate, antifreeze, high strength. It is adaptive in all kinds of buildings construction.
3. Low cost. Cement can be mixed with more than 80% mountain flour, waste crashed stone or construction waste, to make cement cost lower greatly, except for reducing raw material cost, you can also get supporting from govern policy.
4. Wide usage. Concrete blocks can be used in garden, residential community, university and college, factory, square etc.
5. Flexible equipment investment. Within short time you can start to produce. For example, to invest a 60,000-120,000 sqm color paver bricks production line, from equipment production, installation, worker training to mass production, it only needs about 30 days.


Lightweight Wall Panel System Overseas Success Case

A year ago at 2016, Hongfa established its very first full-automatic light weight concrete wall panel manufacturing line in Lebanon, soon after phase of running-inthat the consumer mill will create light-weight walls.

This purchaser factory land is narrow and long, they all will have to produce hollow walls panels, so there's no enough land area to get tube out from molding machine, so Hongfa senior technician built the design drawing, and make the most of their elevation room to pull pipe out of molding equipment after hours healing for concrete marginally.

Congratulations that Lebanon purchaser, they could triumph much more projects using all our top excellent wall plank strategy encouraging from Lebanon and neighboring states.

If you're trying to create a brand new house or attempting to bring an improvement that this can be a significant choice. Even the EPS panel is 50 percent additional energy effective and also 1-5 times longer airtight compared to your normal pole frame construction.

Hongfa light weight wall-board machines is really a brand new, ecological security, electricity saving, and higher efficiency gear for this sort of developing stuff. It is getting first option for development endeavors.

A s a brand new wall stuff, light-weight walls are commonly utilized in outside walls, inside wall partitions etc., and it might be assembled fast when compared with conventional concrete cubes, also certainly will be trimmed arbitrarily depending on dimensions prerequisite.

If you Would like to decrease labor endurance, shorten the building phase, decrease job price, and improve The usage of this construction section, Hongfa wall panel manufacturing line can be the very best option.
wall panels
Wall panels
lightweight wall panels
Lightweight wall panel system


Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel Makes Fabricated Architecture Forward

Fabricated architecture makes precast parts to be installed on site. It has many advantages, such as construct fast, gets very less influence from weather, labor saving and it can improve architecture's quality. Everyone can be architector to design his house, and wall panel can be disassemblied repeatedly, so it will not generate construction waste, what an ideal green building material!
There are many kinds of fabricated architecture parts, such as exterior wall panel, interior wall panel, airconditioner panel, precast girder, precast pillar etc. Interior wall usually uses lightweight concrete wall panels, interior wall usually uses rebar and concrete composite wall panels.
Hongfa machinery produce not only lightweight concrete wall panel production line, but also wall panels, offers full solutions of lightweight concrete wall panel system installation and reliable production formula. Its wall panel has flat surface, uniform mixing raw materials, light weight. Hongfa wall panels supported city subway construction, 40 flights residential building partition room, with more and more success cases growing up, Hongfa is dedicated in producing more advanced equipment and building materials.
All in all, farbricated architecture has good integral performance, superior anti-earthquake ability, anti-fire, water-proof, with the development of lightweight wall panel system, contractors can solve more and more construction questions such as cracking, leaking, seeping etc, and it well improve engineerings quality as well.


How Powerful Are AAC Blocks?

Most of countries in the world especially developing countries, thermal power generation occupies bigger proportion of the energy structure. This methods of generating electricity, will produce another by-product, named fly ash. Long time before, fly ash was stacked processing as industrial waste. As time going on, it pollutes surrounding environment, and occupies land area. With technology steps forward, people begin to use fly ash to produce building material, called aerated autoclaved concrete block.

AAC block is lightweight, full of pores, has many advantages such as warm insulation, sound-proof, anti-firing, easy to be cut etc. It is widely used in wall building field.
Presently, AAC block is used as a kind of filling material for rebar concrete weight-bearing structure, rarely to be used as weight-bearing material. Actually in Europe, it also can be used as weight-bearing material for buildings below 3 floors.

Guangxi Honfa manufactures different capacity of AAC block production line from 50,000 CBM to 300,000 CBM.


9 Features You May Want to Know About Brick Making Machine

Nowadays, it becomes more and more easier to make concrete bricks. If you want to start your own brick yard to produce blocks, here are some features about brick making machine brick making machine you may need.
1. Through changing molds, brick making machine can produce different concrete products that can be applied in paving, wall building engineering projects.
2. Feeding system. It adopts sensor and hydralic valves way to drive, under action of swing feeding car and arch breaker, it generates off-centre force to discharge, make the feeding fast and uniformly. This advantage is good for thin thickness concrete products.
3. Storage divided hopper setting can prevent raw materials from generating inner pressure to make sure material supplying uniformly, and reduce the error between completed products.
4. Guide pillar is made of high strength steel, it is wear-resisting and durable.
5. Readaring to vibrator, concrete block making machine adopts the latest international technology with Germany, the integration of multi-point patented vibration system, electro-hydraulic technology driven, multi-source vibration system, under the control of the computer under the hydraulic drive to produce vertical synchronous vibration, adjustable frequency , to achieve low-frequency feeding, high-frequency forming the working principle of different raw materials can get a good vibration effect, vibration acceleration can reach 17.5 G .. Advanced design technology concept, excellent imports of components into a set of leading domestic high-quality vibration system.
6. Host machine frame is made of high strength steel and special welding technology, which is extremely strong.
7.  PLC system: Block making machine use computer control man-machine interface, control of electrical appliances are used in Germany Siemens, Japan Fuji, Germany Schneider, the display using Taiwan imported, Japan Omron and other brands, control procedures for 20 years of actual production experience, combined with international development trends And research and development to meet the national conditions designed to achieve without the need for professionals, just a simple training to operate, a strong memory can be upgraded to the needs.
8. Regarding to molding box and press head, it uses electromechanical fluid synchronous drive, unified pallet products, the height of the error is very little, good product consistency.

Honfa manufactures a wide range of brick making machine and lightweight wall panel production system. Any questions you can write to sales05@gxhongfa.com.


Why aerated concrete blocks require high pressure steaming?

Aerated concrete is used in a large number of modern production, the use of aerated concrete block is also a substantial increase. Aerated concrete blocks in the production process why go through high-pressure steaming it, high pressure steaming to the aerated concrete block to bring what benefits? Here to introduce you to the high-pressure steamed aerated concrete block of many advantages.
Light weight
Aerated cement block ordinary weight of 500-700 kg / cubic meter, only the equivalent of clay brick and lime sand brick 1 / 4-1 / 3, ordinary cement 1/5, is a mild one of the cement , Suitable for use in high-rise construction of the supplementary wall and low-level construction of the load-bearing walls. The use of this material, can make the whole child built weight than the usual brick and concrete structure to reduce the weight of more than 40%. Because the construction of self-weight slowed down, earthquake damage is small, so greatly increase the experience of the arch of the earthquake.
Good thermal insulation performance
Thermal conductivity is generally 0.11-0.18 kcal / m 0 o'clock 0 degrees, only granite brick and lime sand brick 1 / 4-1 / 5, (grain tiles of the thermal conductivity of 0.4-0.58 kcal / m 0 Hour 0 degrees; gray sand brick thermal conductivity of 0.528 kcal / m 0 hours 0 degrees), for the usual cement of about 1/6.
High strength
Experiments, aerated cement block compressive strength greater than 25 kg / square centimeter, equivalent to 125 clay brick and gray sand brick compressive strength.
Good seismic performance
In the earthquake level of 7.8 Tangshan Fengnan and other places in the earthquake, according to the earthquake after investigation, aerated cement construction only revealed a few new cracks, and brick and concrete structure construction almost all collapse, so that the two distance is not Far, the same structure and the construction of different materials to form a bright contrast. Analysis that this is because the aerated cement bulk light, the group performance is good, the earthquake inertia force is small, so have a certain earthquake.

hfbrickmachine.com offers full series equipment for AAC block, please click here to read more.

experience. This will be very good for our multi-earthquake countries.